How do we reserve a wedding date? Firstly check the availability by sending an email with the specific date in mind. When it is available send a banktransfer of 600 EUR to Finca Rebate’s account. In the description you mention your names and the wedding date. You will receive confirmation of the booking once it is landed on the account.

What is the payment schedule after paying the retainer fee of 600 EUR? The next payment is the end of December (in the year before the wedding year) of 25 % of the package. The balance is paid in full a month before the wedding date.

What happens on a food tasting day? This will be a lovely day as it all gets more real! As well as trying all the yummy cocktail food (canapés served at the reception) and tasting all the wines, sangria, beers and cava’s you will also taste your 4 course wedding meal that you choose from the wedding menu that Eva sends you. You will also taste the various wedding cakes. Please come in a taxi so you have the opportunity to try all the wines available. We can call the taxi company at the end of the day to go home. You also get to meet all the service providers like, the priest / celebrant, the florist, the photographer and if requested the videographer, the dj. This is also the time the planner sits down with you go go through all the details. You will get to see all the various table settings, sit on various chairs and see and feel all the table cloths, napkins etc.

When do you need to know the final number of guests? Two weeks before the actual wedding date (a month before the balance is paid in full but if there are any extra guests joining, the bill will be settled at a later stage)

What drinks are included in the ‘cocktail hour’? Beers, wines, cava, softdrinks, sangria, water and juices.

How does the ‘free bar’ work for the party? The free bar starts after you finished your coffee and dessert. The ‘Free bar’ cost 7,50 EUR per adult per hour and this includes all the spirits, wines, beers, cava, soft drinks. You will have to have the free bar till the end of the party and for a minimum of two hours. Kids pay half price. It works out quite good because for example a Gin and Tonic cost 5 EUR but for 7,50 EUR your guest can have however many drinks they want when booking the ‘Free bar’.

What time does dinner normally end? Usually around 22.00 but it depends on how long your speeches take because food doesn’t get served during the speeches. If you have the Flamenco Show booked it will be about 22.30 the end of dinner.

Till what time can we party? That is up to you, normally the party ends at 2 am but we also have had parties carry on till 7 am.

Can I bring my own wedding favours? Yes you can, no problem as long as it is not food/an edible product. If it is food/edible product then we would need to have the original invoice from the shop/producer.

When do food tastings take place? They normally take place on Thursday in March and a few dates available in April. The wedding planner will notify you of available dates.