Blog 2016

Nancy and Chris

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I can’t think of any words to describe our day other than absolutely perfect.

Thank you much to everyone involved in making our day truly amazing.

Thank you to Michelle (or me-shell ?) from head to toe for being so lovely – we loved spending the morning with you, you are so talented and we loved the makeup!

Thank you to Dave for such a calm journey to Rebate and for ringing the church bells! The car looked lovely and you patiently listened to my minute by minute countdown of how long we had left of the journey to arrive at 5.01pm (Dawne, you were right!)

Rev Eddie, you are the funniest man in Spain! The entire service was hilarious and so unbelievably personal to us, thank you for making it so wonderful. I’m glad all of Chris’ friends now know he loves TOWIE!

Thank you to Andrew for being so chilled out, you made everyone feel at ease and we cannot wait to see the photos. It mustn’t have been easy trying to get everyone all together but you did it without anyone even realising!

Hazel I was so happy to see you when the car pulled up. It made me feel so comfortable knowing you were there with the answers to any questions. My sister said how much of a brilliant job you did organising the bridesmaids before I arrived. The decorations looked amazing and the photos were hung out beautifully, thank you so much!

Thank you to Antonio and his team, they were brilliant throughout the evening. The food and wine were absolutely amazing. Antonio was so conscious to make sure everyone was happy, he is such a lovely man!

Thank you to Reece for keeping everything under control throughout the day and night. I hope you didn’t hate the singing on the bus too much! Rosie, you were so lovely with my little nieces and the other children keeping them entertained all night. Thank you for being so kind and friendly to everyone!

Damien! We absolutely loved the music. We didn’t realise you would be playing music throughout the meal, everyone commented on how good it was! I gave you about 10 minutes notice on the song we wanted for our first dance and you were so chilled about it. Thank you for being so brilliant!!! Also, Chris has asked me to thank you for keeping the men updated with the England score!

Finally, Dawne & Bob. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We can’t thank you enough for making this entire process stress free. I don’t know any other brides who have been so relaxed in the lead up to their big day but I just knew you had everything under control. Dawne my flowers were honestly the nicest I have ever seen, I must have asked every guest if they thought my bouquet was amazing about ten times. Everything was exactly how we wanted it to be! Bob we were so sad not to see you this time but we will come and see you on our next trip when you have fully recovered!

You are all amazing and we will be forever grateful to you for giving us the best experience of our lives.

With lots of love,
Nancy & Chris