Nicola and Neil


Once again Thankyou for a wonderful day.It all went off without a hitch as we knew it would and everyone had a wonderful time and they all said how fantastic the venue was..Thankyou once again

.Maureen and Tony x

June and Len


Hello Dawne and Bob,  Thank you so much for organising our beautiful Golden Wedding Celebration.  Family and friends enjoyed themselves and we are still getting over it.  We are wondering if Andrew got our e-mail address as we did not give him it.  Is it possible for you to check, as the photos should be out soon.  We did not find our certificate of marriage, so we phoned Eddie yesterday and he will be bringing another one on Saturday.  Forgot to mention when I last saw you about putting it in the Coast Rider, if you remember I gave you the write up.  Looking forward so much to looking at the photos, probably they will be ready on Saturday?  Again Dawne and BOB THANK VERY MUCH.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Nikki and Roger



We couldnt have asked for a better day. The band walking up the steps like that, Nick Gold was fantastic, the flowers, the food, the staff, the whole thing. We have some lovely photo’s too . I said to Roger I’d like to do it all again for our 1st anniversary!

We can not thank you enough and will let you know when we are out next because we are bound to visit Rebate for lunch and can hopefully see you to thank you in person.


Bye for now


Nikki, Roger, Ellie & Sammy