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Wedding photography in Spain

Andrew, a wedding photographer in Spain who also covers the whole of Europe, is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting photographers on the East Coast of Spain, the Costa Blanca. His work is a breath of fresh air as it is natural and apart from a few set pieces which you may require his shots are un-posed in a photo journalistic style and capture the moment far more effectively than staged pictures. Andrew will move unobtrusively amongst the guests before, during and after the ceremony and you will be delighted, amazed and surprised with all the captured moments which will reflect the true joy and romanticism of your wedding.

Pictures are forever and your wedding album is the first heirloom of a new family. When the music has stopped and all the guests have gone home your wedding photos will remind you of how wonderful your wedding day really was. Click here for examples of Andrew’s work. You can also view his latest blog posts here:



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Also one of the in house photographers is Sheri from Sheri Photography. Sheri has a similar style to Andrew. Not surprising when you know they have worked together on hundreds of weddings over the years. From a very young age Sheri has been fascinated by photography and its storytelling strengths. Sheri covers weddings in Spain but also internationally. Click HERE to view her blog. Follow her on instagram.