Extra’s list

 Additional Services

Food Corners extra’s:

Bartender Rebate Cocktail  (5 € / person)

Vodkatini, New Life, Cosmo Ginger, Bloody Mary, Blue lagoon, Negroni Shagl, San Francisco

International and Author beers (5 € / person)

French Champagne (5 € / person)

International Cuisine:

Bread Thai, Chicken dumplings and vegetables, Tuna Tuna, Mole Chicken Breast
(5 € / person)

Risoto show cooking (3 € / person)

Candy Bar (From 450€) See options

Free bar: (14€ per adult for 2 hours, kids half price)

Extra Services

Floral decorations: Outside church Floral Arrangement (From 300€)

Church carpet and carpet outside (From 200€)

Bunting, paper lampshades or pompoms (From 250€)

Custom seating plan(From 150€)

Welcome signs or BIG love sign (From 175€)

Love or Bar signs with light (From 175€)

Lighting decoration (From 550€)

Tiffany chair or colored swags (From 6€)

Printed table cloths (From 30€)

Cigar bar (From 225€)

Children’s table (From 100€/ 10 children)

Wedding car (From 450€/car) See options

Video projection service:  projector and the screen (From 200€)

Flamenco, Mariachi’s, Saxophonist or Singer (From 250€)

If there is anything extra that you would want but you didn’t see it on the list, don’t worry just email Eva and she will find it for you.