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Sheri and Danny

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This is for all the team at Rebate ❤️
Where do we begin ?
On the 23rd of July We experienced one of the most magical, emotional and amazing days of our lives !!!
Wow oh wow we were blown away as were all of our guests .
Our expectations of the day were nothing compared to the reality , everything was far more than we could have hoped for X
Right from the start Dawne did her best to calm my nerves ( thank you ) Dawne you were right I didn’t need to stress , when I think back now you were like a fairy godmother, sweeping in , working your magic and covering everything in glitter ?
A few quotes from our guests
” I don’t think any wedding will ever top that ”
” it’s the best wedding we’ve ever been too ”
” I really wish we had got married here “
You all work so hard behind the scenes in such heat ,Hazel and Dawne we don’t know how you do it ?
Our service was just brilliant, the very charming and funny reverend Keith had everybody laughing and crying all at the same time , we have never before experienced a service like that thank you from the bottom of our hearts xx
Andrew and Sheri ( great name by the way ?) you made us feel so at ease when taking our photos , we really really can’t wait to see them , I was a bit worried that Andrew was going to fall off the wall at one point but I guess you get yourself in those positions all the time to get the right shot , thank you xx
Canapé time , just delicious , so much choice , so many new things to try ( the ham was my favourite, the best I’ve ever had )
Cocktails, cava , beer , wine , even brandy when Dan was asked what he would like to drink Antonio had it there in seconds !!
Dinner oooooo yummy
So we were thinking that our starters were going to be little tastes of everything , but no they were massive almost like a full meal in itself !
I mentioned to the very lovely Antonio that I didn’t like fish of any kind and that I didn’t need to be served the last starter, I really wasn’t expecting a replacement , however within minutes he had arranged for the kitchen to make me something else which I have to say was my favourite of the three ?
The service all the waiting staff provided was top class , we felt like Royalty .
Jose jvan and Azucena thank you our glasses were never empty X
Our main course was exceptional but the dessert oh my !!!!
It’s the best we’ve ever had and so very beautiful ( We recommend the violet pannacotta to every future bride and groom )
Then for the dancing , and did we dance !!
Damian I’m sorry for all the messages about the music beforehand, dancing is my favourite thing to do , you played everything on my long list and filled in the gaps with tunes that everyone loved , you really do know your stuff !! Thank you xxx
Rosie , our entertainer for the children ( lots of children) you kept them amused all night long even getting them to sleep in their buggies so there parents could party the night away , they really didn’t want you to leave lol
Rosie is a must at your wedding even if you only have a couple of children she is worth her weight in gold
Thank you Rosie xx
Unfortunately my mum was taken a little ill during the evening , but she was OK after a knight in shining armour came to the rescue,
Antonio…….. Not only the best head waiter in the world but an amazing paramedic xxxx
We really had the best time ever , all bar staff , security and chaperones were amazing xxx
Thank you all once again xxxx
Danny and Sheri Mckeever
Note to future brides and grooms..
Enjoy , it WILL be the most wonderful day X