• Blog 2015

    Emily and Chris

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    Chris and I have just returned from our holiday. We can’t praise you all
    enough for the hard work you put into making our wedding day so amazing (
    30/8/15 ). It couldn’t have gone any better, the singer was just
    stunning, the decorations were amazing, the guests LOVED the mariachi
    band, the DJ was fantastic. Guests said they never had an empty glass and
    many said it was stunning and the best wedding they have ever been to.
    Chris and I had the best day ever!!! Thank you so so much

    Emily and Chris Shannon x x x

  • Blog 2015

    Claire and Tracey

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    We have finally arrived back home after the most memorable experience of our lives.

    Our wedding day was truly amazing and better than we could have ever dreamed.  Most of this was down to you and your team that gave us the most special day of our lives.

    First of all the flowers and bouquets were beautiful – the colours were perfect, exactly what we had hoped for.

    The chapel looked lovely and what an experience walking down the aisle. The venue was like a fairy tale and the lights as the night drew in was magical.

    All our guests loved The Rebate and compared it to a celebrity wedding (with no celebrities!!)

    Just want to thank you so much for making our wedding day truly memorable and the day has given us memories that will stay long in our hearts.

    Thank You


    Tracy & Claire xxxx

  • Blog 2015

    Solveig and Richard

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    Tusen takk før alle de hyggelige kommentarene! Va en fantastisk dag med fantastiske fine folk;)

    Thanx again Dawne Lynda Dawe and your team for making The day perfect;)Thank you so much before all the nice comments! VA a wonderful day of wonderful fine people;) Thanx again Dawne Lynda Dawe and your team for making The day perfect;)

  • Blog 2015

    Katie and Jamie

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    We just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for an absolutely amazing day yesterday!!! You made everything very easy and the day was unbelievable!!! All of our guests have been talking about it non stop!  And even though we were rubbish in the few days before as we were unwell you totally delivered a beautiful and more perfect day then we could have imagined.

    Thanks again for everything!

    Katie and Jamie xx