Caroline and John

Everyone in our town is talking about our wedding at rebate.
So many posts on Facebook. I am surprised at how many people recognize the venue and have asked if it was held there as they recognize what a beautiful place it is.
Everyone wants to get married there now.
You and the team really did such a fantastic job.
From the waiters to the bar staff, mariachi band, you, Bob, Eddie was absolutely superb in the church.
Everyone that attended said it was a fairy tale wedding, the best they had ever attended and my family have been to a few in many places.
We received a short video clip from Juliette. We and friends can’t stop watching it. Crying and smiling at the same time. They have done an amazing job!

Once again thank you for making it the best day of our lives.
Best wishes,



Caroline Jones, & John Smith 5th April 2014