• Blog 2015

    Amber and James

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    Firstly, thank you for the most beautiful day. It couldn’t of been better.


    Keith the priest was just amazing, everyone has commented on how he made the ceremony so perfect.


    The decor/flowers etc were great. All our guests thought I had bought it all over and done myself as it was “so me” so again thank you so much.

    Thank you Dawne to your and the Rebate wedding team for you all you have done for us.


    Amber Higgs and James Lyons

  • Blog 2015

    Vicki and Paul

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    To. Dawne Bob Hazel and all the wedding team at rebate

    Thank you for an amazing day, we are speechless, it was perfect.

    Dawne you are amazing at what you do.

    Lots of love Vicki and Paul

  • Blog 2015

    Hannah and Matt

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    Just wanted to quickly email to let you know what an amazing team you have and what a perfect day you all gave us.

    Rebate is a special place and somewhere we will never forget!

    Everything from start to finish was outstanding.

    Many thanks,

    Matt and Hannah Hancock

  • Blog 2015

    Ashlee and Jack

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    Hi auntie dawne and uncle bob and the rest of the Rebate wedding team. Thank you for all of your hard work, time and effort in making yesterday what it was. No stone was left unturned, nothing could be faulted! Our guests were stunned and we had comments that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to. Whilst we imagined how Rebate would look all dressed up nothing could have prepared us for how amazing everything looked on the day! The flowers were better than I could have dreamt of thank you so much to Andrea for her time and effort! The service was beautiful, the entertainment was fantastic, the food was delicious! We have to say a special thank you to both Andrew and Sergio who worked so hard in the heat capturing everything, we cannot wait to see the photos and video! We are both beyond happy with how everything went and it’s so hard to put in to words how grateful we are to you for making our special day perfect. Ashlee and jack xxx