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    Anita and Tony

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    Hi Dawne and all of the team at Rebate!

    It was so important for us to take the time to say a massive thank you to everybody who contributed to make our wedding day everything and more we could have ever hoped for.

    Dawne from the very beginning you made us feel as if we were a very special couple, and when we left the wedding office after our first meeting with you and Hazel we absolutely knew we were in safe hands. We had complete trust in your judgement and overtime everything we discussed from the food, service, colours, flowers, music, and entertainment we knew that your attention to detail was impeccable, and that our day was truly going to be a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

    To Keith our minister, what can we say other than you were perfect, you made us laugh and cry and you were so incredibly funny, a true gent!

    Maria your singing made our service truly amazing and so emotional, Dawne said you would bring the house down but nothing prepared us for your performance, your voice was mesmerising, and of course the mariachi band, they just bought a smile to everybody’s face when they arrived, they certainly set the mood for the rest of the day.

    Damian the music just flowed all evening, there was never a moment when the floor wasn’t filled with people laughing and dancing, you did an incredible job!

    Andrew what can we say, we didn’t stop crying and smiling when we saw the photographs, and slideshow, you managed to capture the entire essence of the day, such attention to detail, just brilliant! What a great guy!

    And finally to the staff from Rebate whose service was faultless, perfect food and wine served in abundance all day and evening. Antonio you were a star you worked tirelessly and made sure that everything we needed was there and you always had a smile for us all, so thank you!

    Rebate has and always will hold a special place in our hearts, from the first time we visited we knew we had found a hidden jewel so for all you ladies and gents that might be considering a special celebration all we can say is that you won’t be disappointed, Dawne and her team will make sure you have the best day of your lives, we certainly did and 2 weeks after our event our guests can’t stop talking about it, they all agreed that without a doubt it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

    Thank you to you all.

    Anita and Anthony

    Hi Andrew,

    They are just fabulous made me cry, so many happy memories!!… What a day!! Everybody still keeps sending messages reminiscing about the day and how spectacular it was. I told Dawne I will be writing a testimonial for blog so will hopefully get it done today.

    Andrew thank you so much for being there on the day and catching all those special moments of all the people that mean so much to us. You really are a nice fella and all the guests said you were a nice down to earth guy, so hats off to you.

    Thanks again
    Anita x
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    Gemma and Michael

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    A massive thank you to DawneRobert and Hazel for all their hard work for our wedding on Tuesday! We couldn’t have asked for a better day! All the staff on the day were fabulous, particularly two of the waiting/bar staff, I wish we had gotten their names! All our guests were blown away by the beautiful venue and the fantastic service provided! Thanks again! Xxx

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    Sarah and Jules

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    Dear Dawne
    Thank you for an amazing day on Thursday, it’s a day myself & Julian will never forget! Rebate was the most perfect setting for our wedding day.
    We are so happy with how everything went from the church, priest, flowers, photography, canapés, cocktails, food, waiters, music & dancers.
    We are still getting compliments from all our friends & family saying it was the best wedding they were ever at (and they’ve been to alot of weddings!).
    When we look back on our wedding day we will always think of that place of paradise that is Rebate.
    Thank you so much to yourself, Hazel, Bob & all the Rebate team.
    Lots of love
    Mr. & Mrs King! Xxxxxxxxx
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    Sarah and Simon

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    We really don’t know where to start with describing just how magical and amazing our wedding day was on June 26th. It was simply like a dream and we have so many people to thank I don’t know where to begin. Am still so overwhelmed by the sheer joy and happiness we felt and it was just the most perfect, perfect day. Dawne and Bob, you and your team are just incredible. We cannot begin to thank you enough. Hazel and Sarah huge huge thanks for all you did for us. Reverend Eddie, the service was brilliant, all our family and friends loved it. Andrew – a big thank you for making me feel so at ease with the photos at the hotel and throughout the ceremony and the Reception. You really are a master of capturing it all and I already know our photos will be out of this world. To Antonio and all the waiting staff … our guests have not stopped talking about the amazing food and wine and the professionalism of your team. A really huge thank you for a wonderful evening of delights. DJ Damian – you were brilliant and kept everyone on their feet throughout the night ….. Thanks for playing our favourite tunes and requests and for helping the band to set up …. you were simply amazing and just so helpful at all times. To our car drivers, especially to Dave who played his ZZ Top CD (at my request) so that we could sing all the way to Rebate and calm my nerves. And Dawne, thank you for all your advice and encouragement to simply enjoy the moment …. we really really did and we will never ever forget the magic of Rebate. Xxxxxx