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    Debbie and Robert

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    As I send this I am currently sitting on a plane back home with nothing but very happy memories of our special day! Every little thing you said would happen did happen, there are no words in this world to describe the wonderful job you all done, from your good self, Hazel, Eddie, Andrew, Damien (whom messaged us the same night to say what a great night he had), not forgetting Laurie and Reece, the head waiter and his staff! I just can’t Thankyou enough, myself Debbie and all our guests will talk about our beautiful day for an eternity and we will definately be back up to Rebate to visit you all again. Please pass on our best wishes to bob and hope to meet him on our return. Quite simply Dawne your the best and we love you!

    Our upmost respect

    Robert & Debbie Hodge xxxxxDebbie Hodge

    so, here goes! There’s really not much I can add to all the previous posts or e-mails on here. I agree wholeheartedly with them all! However I will pass on this sound bit advice, let Dawne,Hazel, Sarah and the rest of the team work their magic,trust them as I promise you they will go beyond more than you can ever imagine! Dawne Lynda Dawe everything you said would happen, did happen, from the tiniest detail right up to the big finale. I will never forget you approaching me and my bridesmaids as We arrived,with such a beautiful cascade and poses, it was emotional but you soon fixed that,as seeing your face and hearing your comforting words before I walked into the chapel, totally put me at my ease.
    Wendy oops I mean Hazel Turbefield (private joke) thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough, you and Dawne must be psychic twins as you both knew what the other was thinking, your energy and attention to detail was inspiring, also it was lovely meeting your son jack back at our hotel who was stranded when his flight was cancelled (how spooky)Eddie you absolutely smashed it, your service was beautiful, you had our guests roaring with laughter with your witty anecdotes it worked perfectly, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and spending some quality time with you. Andrew your a star, it was a privilege to see a professional at work, your ideas your direction was breathtaking and we wait in anticipation to see our pictures, just hurry up please as we’re bursting with excitement ? Damian Munz your a legend, take a bow sir, can’t believe it was past midnight before we got to the first dances,as the dance floor was full before the meal and even during the break in the meal courses! Fantastic stuff and Your message meant a lot too ? Reece,Laurie, the head waiter, his staff and the barmen take a bow, thank you for looking after us and our guests with professionalism, and such a friendly attitude, again thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it.
    The 5 course meal was to die for, the cake was beautiful but bloody heavy as my husband Robert said ? the marachi band and flamenco dancers just blew everyone away they enjoyed both immensely. Our reception area was truly beautiful. Our guests said that this was the best wedding they have ever been too, including their own lol. So for all you future brides this is the fairy tale wedding you have always dreamt about, sit back, let Dawne and her team do their magic and enjoy the experience you are in safe hands and will not be disappointed. Wish we were doing it all again! We are definitely returning to rebate to visit you all, as we feel we have made new friends. Thank you from the bottom of hearts, much love and continuous success to you all at weddings in rebate.

    Debbie and Robert Hodge
    22nd June 2016 x

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    Maria and Paul

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    Paul and I can’t thank YOU and everyone enough for making our wedding day so amazing and fabulous.

    Everyone worked so hard and seamlessly to make it such a memorable special occasion.

    YOU WERE RIGHT- everyone said it was the best wedding they have EVER been to!

    We did try to thank you personally at Rebate twice but you weren’t there unfortunately.

    We’d  love to put a review on but not sure where if you can advise us.

    Lots of love

    Maria and Paul Allen

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    Nancy and Chris

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    I can’t think of any words to describe our day other than absolutely perfect.

    Thank you much to everyone involved in making our day truly amazing.

    Thank you to Michelle (or me-shell ?) from head to toe for being so lovely – we loved spending the morning with you, you are so talented and we loved the makeup!

    Thank you to Dave for such a calm journey to Rebate and for ringing the church bells! The car looked lovely and you patiently listened to my minute by minute countdown of how long we had left of the journey to arrive at 5.01pm (Dawne, you were right!)

    Rev Eddie, you are the funniest man in Spain! The entire service was hilarious and so unbelievably personal to us, thank you for making it so wonderful. I’m glad all of Chris’ friends now know he loves TOWIE!

    Thank you to Andrew for being so chilled out, you made everyone feel at ease and we cannot wait to see the photos. It mustn’t have been easy trying to get everyone all together but you did it without anyone even realising!

    Hazel I was so happy to see you when the car pulled up. It made me feel so comfortable knowing you were there with the answers to any questions. My sister said how much of a brilliant job you did organising the bridesmaids before I arrived. The decorations looked amazing and the photos were hung out beautifully, thank you so much!

    Thank you to Antonio and his team, they were brilliant throughout the evening. The food and wine were absolutely amazing. Antonio was so conscious to make sure everyone was happy, he is such a lovely man!

    Thank you to Reece for keeping everything under control throughout the day and night. I hope you didn’t hate the singing on the bus too much! Rosie, you were so lovely with my little nieces and the other children keeping them entertained all night. Thank you for being so kind and friendly to everyone!

    Damien! We absolutely loved the music. We didn’t realise you would be playing music throughout the meal, everyone commented on how good it was! I gave you about 10 minutes notice on the song we wanted for our first dance and you were so chilled about it. Thank you for being so brilliant!!! Also, Chris has asked me to thank you for keeping the men updated with the England score!

    Finally, Dawne & Bob. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We can’t thank you enough for making this entire process stress free. I don’t know any other brides who have been so relaxed in the lead up to their big day but I just knew you had everything under control. Dawne my flowers were honestly the nicest I have ever seen, I must have asked every guest if they thought my bouquet was amazing about ten times. Everything was exactly how we wanted it to be! Bob we were so sad not to see you this time but we will come and see you on our next trip when you have fully recovered!

    You are all amazing and we will be forever grateful to you for giving us the best experience of our lives.

    With lots of love,
    Nancy & Chris

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    Ashley and Aran

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    This is a bit of a long as we are not sure where to start with our appreciation for everyone involved in making our wedding fit for a queen never mind a bride, so I will go in order!

    Firstly, myself and my bridesmaids had our hair done at Head To Toe, and they couldn’t have done anymore for us, it was absolutely perfect and I honestly felt amazing, then the wonderful Michelle worked her magic and did myself and my mother’s make up, perfect does not even come close, it was completely breath taking and we had so many compliments!

    Next is Andrew, Andrew arrived at my hotel suite to take some pictures of my immediate family, you wouldn’t have even known he was there, he walked in to a calm atmosphere and just did his thing, he was so lovely and extremely professional and was a joy to have around whilst we were all getting ready, we had a mixture of laughs during our photographs as well as taking sentimental pictures, I cannot recommend him enough! We cannot wait to see our pictures! Even at Rebate, he organised everyone without anyone even realising they were being organised and it all went so smoothly, I hope he had as much fun doing our pictures and we did with him taking them.

    Arriving at Rebate and Reverend Eddie,
    Myself and my dad arrived at Rebate and Hazel, Sarah and Andrew were waiting for us, Hazel gave me my absolutely gorgeous bouquet of flowers which alone almost had me in tears because I couldn’t imagine them to be as perfect as they were! We then headed up to the chapel (unfortunately 4 glasses of Cava at the hotel made me need to go toilet before I entered the chapel haha).

    Reverend Eddie’s service was beautiful, he even mentioned my husband’s father who passed away 8 years ago which meant the world to Aran because it made him feel as if there was a piece of his dad with us, he had everyone laughing as well as a few tears, anyone getting married at Rebate would be so lucky to have Eddie conduct their service as he went above and beyond anything you could imagine, he didn’t just feel like a reverend, he felt like a guest because he was so personal through out the entire service.

    Everyone was raving about the canapes and they went down an absolute treat!

    Everything was down to the finest detail, perfect does not even come close, tables were amazing, flowers were breathtaking and everything felt like a dream, when you imagine how you would want your wedding day, you can’t imagine how Rebate can make you feel down to the smallest details.

    When we left the Chapel the amazing Mariachi band came up the stairs, it was even better as no-one was expecting it! They were such a fantastic Spanish touch and we highly recommend them to anyone!

    The sit down meal we had, well, I am lost for words, 5 starters, 1 main and the desert, it was all gorgeous!!! Everyone needed a break after the meal before the dancing started because everyone was in a food coma, I was still full the next day.

    The waiters, I don’t know where to start with the waiters, they are part of such an amazing team and Rebate are so lucky to have such amazing people working with them to complete an already amazing day, they could not do anymore for us, we never had an empty glass and they even took the time out to come over and ask if we were enjoying ourselves, they were not there just to do a job, they were there to make sure everyone was OK and enjoying yourselves, anything they did was never enough to them, they were always trying to do better, and as we told them, it couldn’t get any better! (We even made them pose for a picture so they are also part of our memory) you are all so blessed to have such an amazing team around you.

    The Flamenco Dancers!! They were a huge hit with everyone! They had everyone dancing and involved, what an amazing two people they are! Again, we would definitely recommend, we cannot wait to visit rebate for a meal and see them all over again!

    Lastly, Damien, you are an amazing person! Everyone knew every song you played the entire night, I danced for 3 hours straight, I didn’t sit down once between the meal finishing and us leaving Rebate, but for that reason, I hold you responsible for my feet feeling like they were bleeding the next day haha.

    All future brides, my god, I’m so jealous you all have it yet to come, you all picked a venue where dreams are fulfilled, enjoy and embrace every second and take as many pictures as possible to have memories of every single last detail (we already have hundreds and that doesn’t even include any that Andrew has taken!) We are already planning on renewing our vows in 10 years time! 🙂

    So once again, Dawne, Hazel, Sarah, Andrew, Damien and all the waiters, coach and wedding car drivers, cake maker (I could go on forever) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! you are all angels and we hold a special place in our hearts for every single one of you!

    Mr & Mrs Clowes-Fox