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Catholic wedding in Pilar – Dee and Nick

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I had hoped that by leaving it a few days I would find words to accurately describe our wedding day at Rebate. Here we are more than a week later and I am still struggling to sum up our day!

All I can say is that it was truly magical and far surpassed all of our expectations. I am so glad that I looked to you for your opinion on flowers, entertainment and everything else! You know your craft well and it showed on our perfect day. It seemed like the day moved seamlessly from one perfect moment to the next. I don’t think that any of our guests will ever forget standing at the top of the Rebate steps when the mariachi band appeared! The moments that stand out for Nic and I are pretty endless, but I would point out that the flamenco dancers got our entire party onto the dance floor at the end of their performance. In fact, all of our guests formed a circle around us and danced their socks off to La Bamba, the first dance of the night! At the end of the night, they surrounded us again for a brilliant sing/dance-along to Sinatra’s New York, the very last dance of the evening. Our fantastic DJ Damien deserves a special mention, not only did he take the time to make contact with me before the wedding, he sent me a link to all the songs he played pretty much straight after and now we are able to make a CD of our wedding playlist. Also, hats off to whoever was responsible for decorating the top terrace the location of all our fun, it was just beautiful! As for our waiters, they were perfect and the food was amazing too.

You really did carry out our wishes to the letter, even recreating the picture I sent you of the lanterns in the church with the candles and petals! You kept us going during our seemingly endless paperwork stresses and took the time to listen to the inevitable family challenges that go hand-in-hand with any wedding. And throughout it all, we had a laugh with you.

My advice to any future Rebate brides would be to let go, stop obsessing and to just trust you and the team. I am so glad that I worked with you on everything and just relaxed and enjoyed it all. I didn’t even have to worry about you going in for the hard sell, you just told me what would and wouldn’t work for our small group instead of me paying for any unnecessary extras… I listened to your advice and our day was magical.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it truly was the best day of our lives!

Mr and Mrs Grant