Charley and Ashleigh

Hello Dawne, Bob and everyone at Rebate!

I’m so sorry it’s taken a while for us to get round to writing this to you, but time flies when your having fun and we are now back at work after our wonderful wedding at Rebate and honeymoon in Ibiza.

Firstly, I would like to thank Dawne for her advice, knowledge and pure class when it comes to planning a wedding at Rebate. You were calm, and kind and very considerate throughout the time it took us to plan our beautiful wedding.
Next, I want to say a big thank you to Bob for coming to collect Dad and I in his lovely car which was decorated with beautiful flowers, and also thank him for being such a gentleman in the ride up to Rebate, ensuring we were calm and collected ready for when we arrived.
To the coach driver and his assistant (whose names I don’t know-sorry), thank you for your punctuality and patience when collecting all of our guests and transporting them safely to Rebate.

When our guests arrived at Rebate and got off the coach, all of them have said how in-awe of the venue they were, and how completely captured they were by the pure aura and beauty of Rebate. From the minute they arrived the were welcomed by warmth and the best quality of hospitality by all members of staff, including the wedding team and waiters. As soon as Dad and I arrived we experienced the same, kind and genuine welcome with lots of happy faces as we prepared to enter the church.
Eddie made our wedding service absolutely unforgettable, right from the beginning he made us feel all so relaxed and at-ease, and humoured all of us with his wonderful service and jokes throughout.
The whole team continued throughout the day to make sure there was not a dry glass or an empty plate, and always doing it with such elegant and style. I can genuinely say that every single one of our guests has said that our wedding “was the best wedding they had ever been to”!
Clive also I would like to thank for again being so attentive thought the evening part of the celebrations and being to helpful and patient with all of our guests.

Andrew has since sent us the photos and the slideshow of our wedding photos and they are breathless! There are so many to choose from, and his photos capture every emotion, moment and detail of our special day.

Ashleigh and I can only try to tell you all from the bottom of our hearts that our wedding day at Rebate was like a dream come true, a fantasy wedding you can only imagine, is what we had. The hard work put in by every single member of the wedding team and waiting staff was noticed, yet was made to seem so effortless, we can only congratulate you all!!!

Once again we would like to thank you all and say that we will be eternally grateful for your achievement in making the memories of our wedding day, ones that we will never, ever forget, and we will cherish forever.

Love always,
Mr & Mrs Smith