Diane and Phil


We believe this is the most romantic tale of all of our couples at Rebate

Diane & Philip Cutts, took their wedding vows at 5.00pm on Friday 15th June 2012.

They met as teenagers, and were madly in love, Phil being 18 years old and Dianne 17 years old.

Phil signed up for the army and was posted in Malaysia for two years.  There was a very interfering member of the family that split the couple up, and of course there were no mobile phone, emails or texting.   So the relationship fizzle out.

Diane, then left for Australia with her family and parents and settled there and married and had a family.

Likewise Phil came back from the army and met someone else and married and had a family.

They later both became single again

3 years ago Diane was on the Friends Re-untied website, and whose name should pop up in conversation, but her old flame and first love Philip.

So eventually through friends they got hooked up and have been emailing and Skyping each other.

Phil proposed to lovely Diane over the internet and without hesitation she accepted.

Diane flew into Spain 5 days before the wedding ceremony where she was eventually reunited with her first love and the love of her life Philip after 45 years.

Now is that the best true love story you have ever heard!! Bless them both, and the lovely couple whose love never died got married in our Rebate church.

Congratulations to this smashing couple we hope your future is full of fun and happiness, Your love for each other was so obvious on your special day here at Rebate

Much love from all of the wedding team Dawne, Andrew, Sandra, Bob Paco, Carlos, Eric, Andres and all of the gang