Leanne and Chris

The wedding of Leanne & Christopher took place in our lovely chapel at 5.00pm on 23rd June 2012.

Leanne looked so pretty as she got our of the wedding car and stepped into the Spanish sunshine, she wore a beautiful wedding gown which was cream with a small train.  Her tiara was Swarovski crystals and sparkled in the sunshine.  She carried a posy of red roses, which was framed with loops of bear grass. And cream organsa

Her brides wore red chiffon dresses and carried arum lily sheaths and crystals.

The service was extremely moving, as her late grandfather was regular visitor to Rebate who had passed away in 2011 and it was his wish that his beloved grand daughter Leanne should take her wedding vows at Rebate.

His photo was placed on the altar table as a memory of him, I am sure he was there somewhere in the chapel looking down on her.

They left the church and were showered with fresh rose petals and applauded by on lookers.

The canapés were taken under the trees, and the guests enjoyed the peace and serenity which Rebate has to offer.

The couples dining table was bedecked with vases brimming  of purple orchids and red roses, and looked amazing,

The bridal party and guests boogied well into the evening, when carriages came to collect them.

My sweet lovely Leanne and Christopher it has been a joy to work with you both, we loved ever minute of you wedding.

Dawne and the wedding team wish you love, health, and happiness for your future life.


Me and Chris enjoyed our beautiful wedding day in Rebate more than either of us ever imagined! The whole team were wonderful, and you made everything so perfect!! We could not have dreamed of a better way to spend our wedding day and I will never be able to thank you enough!! I am looking forward to telling people all about my fairytale wedding.

Thank you so much Dawne, Bob, and ALL of the Wedding Team at Rebate, you have made my dreams come true and it will be a memory I treasure forever.

Lots of love from Leanne & Chris Parkinson!! xxxxx