Claudia Sanches, a young female Wedding Cinematographer, with a great eye for detail and a keen sense in capturing those moments that will last a lifetime on film, extends her services. All this detail and great moments will be presented to you on a uniquely created and designed Dvd.

Experience the most beautiful, profound and enchanting day of your life with your family and closest friends, from a different angle or perspective. Your wedding day presented in a wonderfully edited, cinemascopic, 25 minute long motion picture film interwoven with your own personally selected theme song(s).

I allow my honest female sense to direct me in the capturing and retelling of this most powerful day between two human beings. This sense is my guide that helps me be aware of every detail, hidden within every moment, so important for a woman. Feel free to make your requirements known to me through the contact form. That way I can make the best price package for your special day.

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