Blog 2015

Nicola and Richard

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Firstly thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving us such a magical day. All of our guests was stunned at the beauty of the chapel and grounds.
So many people have told us how beautiful the place was and they had just attended the best wedding ever which makes us so happy but all this is down to you and the team.

Bob was fantastic when he was driving me to rebate he made sure I was cool enough and was asking was I ok. Bob you are true gentleman.

When I arrived I was shocked at how many people was there taking pictures and wishing me the best it adds another special touch that you don’t get anywhere else.
The mariachi band was another surprise for our guests and they loved every minute.
The whole day was a huge success and the waiters were really really friendly and made sure everyone was taken care off.
I must mention Paco another true gentleman as my little boy fell asleep he made sure he was comfortable and covered up so he would not get cold.
The minister Keith did a really great service and we just loved how he made our guests laugh with little personal jokes but provided a lovely personal service.

All of our guests had a great time on the dance floor when Damian started to provide great music there was a song for everybody’s taste and we all had a fab time dancing the night away.

Just everything about our day was magical Flowers, decorations, food, entertainment the hardworking team. Bob and of course dawne. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. And we will be back again to say hello and have another fantastic meal at the gorgeous rebate.

Always and forever grateful
Nicola and Rik Williams
September 9th 2015