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Sandra and Michael

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Hello Dawne, Andrew, Bob and a lot of other people,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful day and evening in Rebate. We now moved to the mountains in Malaga and don’t have Wi-fi, so we had to find a terras in the sun with a magical view. There are worse things in the world πŸ˜‰

All our guest were delighted with the many things that rebate has to offer so I hope you don’t mind when I list a few of them up?

1-3 Location: In marketing there is a good advice for (young) entrepreneurs in retail which sounds: location, location, location. I think you all listened well to it. It is not only fantastic that the site is in the beautiful hills a bit more inside of the country, but it is also a fantastic site on itself. Everyone was stunned to find this beautiful place in the middle of nowhere and the center of everything. Last part of the location is that we see at every time something that is renewed or became better but more of it later on.


  1. The food and beverages: The food was fantastic, and when I look at the last pictures I am quite sure that everyone loved the wine as well πŸ˜‰

As you know I love to cook and I have to admit tat I couldn’t have done it better. The main course, with the Iberico porc, is fantastic. Don’t go for the chicken or a steak, go for the real deal in spain which means porc. But everything was perfect.


  1. The open bar: I am still a bit in a shock to know that not everyone does this but it’s a great idea. I heard that next year there is even a possibility to ad a few extra hours which will make this even better. It’s a small effort for the person that organises the marriage to include an open bar. Ok; it’s another small effort for the bride and groom but I am quite sure that all our guests would ask me to mention this in our thank you letter.


  1. Safety: after all those drinks, when the night is over, safety was one of my main concerns. The fact that there is a bus included, straight away to our hotel and no one has to drive is not an extra, it is a must and we loved that it was part of the plan(loved the hotel, great prices and perfect location for the wedding (see point 1-3); think about making packges with them? πŸ˜‰


  1. Innovation: it is great to see that there is always something changing/ happening: if it isn’t a cocktail chariot it is a new roof and if it isn’t the naming of the packages (the 2015 names are way better πŸ˜‰ it is a better stereo in the church. I have the feeling that there is a novelty every month and that’s fantastic, certainly when we will do the renewal of our vows in 10 years πŸ™‚ I am sure it will take a long long time before your inspiration to renew things and do things better will dry out.


  1. The Photographer: Andrew did his job fantastic, even without seeing the pictures I am sure that they will look great. It’s the way of saying things, the creative eye, the professionalism and – let’s not forget! – the yers of experience. It goes fast and easy. People love pictures and the more, the marrier (and they want them soon, I noticed on our facebook page πŸ˜‰ but during the wedding they want to drink and talk and party, so that’s why someone like Andrew (fast, professional, ideas in his head) is that important.


  1. The Minister: Just as Anrwew he received a ten out of ten from our guests. He is funny, has plenty of experience and a fantastic person to listen to. He goes from emotional to laughter in a few seconds, and mixes the moods perfectly. There is a well know song which is called God is a DJ, our minister was the perfect DJ of our ceremony and mixed emotions like I’ve never seen before.


  1. The o rganisation: Perfect that it goes just to ten, because for the organisation i’d love to give 10 out of 10. Or no, let’s do it like the Eurovion song contest and give all of you a beautiful 12. Organising a marriage is quite stressful, no matter where you organise it. I am not sure that everyone is always aware of that. So many thing to choose from, so many decisions to be made and so many pairs of shoes that have to be bought. It is important to know that you have a back up for that, someone with the experience and someone who knows the booby traps. But the most important part is a person who tells you that everything will be allright, someone who clears out those decisions and helps you to take them at the right time. Of course everyone of your co-workers was fantastic, but we love to end with an extra thank you especially for you Dawne and Bob. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Michael and Sandra